Principles For An Abundant Life – Masterclass

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Self- Study Master Class – Principles for An Abundant Life

Product Description

This powerful Masterclass – Principles For An Abundant Life will help you to understand, identify and rid yourself of old mindsets and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. You will explore the following four principles:

Understanding – Gain a deeper understanding of the process of change to assist in applying the truths within each of the principles

Honesty – No one can ever make lasting change without being thoroughly honest with themselves
Persistence – Continuing on despite problems difficulties or hardships
Vision – The guiding light for your emerging future
Courage – Courage to conquer your own fears

Focus – Harness the power of focus to provide clarity, concentrate your energy and activity and reach your goals 

 You will have access to the downloadable MP3 Lessons taught by Jacqueline along with a worksheet to help you think into your lesson for application.