Put Your Dream to the Test


Product Description

What’s the difference between a dreamer and someone who achieves a dream?

According to best-selling author Dr. John Maxwell, the answer lies in answering ten powerful, yet straightforward, questions. Whether you’ve lost sight of an old dream or you are searching for a new one within you, Put Your Dream to the Test provides a step-by-step action plan that you can start using today to see, own, and reach your dream.


In order to for your dream to come true, you need to answer “yes” to the following questions:

  1. The Ownership Question: Is my dream really my Dream?
  2. The Clarity Question: Do I clearly see my dream?
  3. The Reality Question: Am I depending on factors within
    my control to achieve my dream?
  4. The Passion Question: Does my dream compel me to
    follow it?
  5. The Pathway Question: Do I have a strategy to reach my
  6. The People Question: Have I included the people I need to
    realize my dream?
  7. The Cost Question: Am I willing to pay the price for my
  8. The Tenacity Question: Am I moving closer to my dream?
  9. The Fulfillment Question: Does working toward my dream
    bring satisfaction?
  10. The Significance Question: Does my dream benefit others?


  • 10 Audio lessons
  • Participant worksheets for each lesson
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