Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You LEARN


Product Description

In this course you will learn the following:

  • How failure can teach important lessons
  • What aspects of failure you should cultivate for lifelong learning
  • How changing your patterns of thought and behavior enable you to learn


  1. When you’re losing, everything hurts
  2. Humility: The spirit of learning
  3. Reality: The foundation of learning
  4. Responsibility: The first step of learning
  5. Improvement: The focus of learning
  6. Hope: The motivation of learning
  7. Teachability: The pathway of learning
  8. Adversity: The catalyst of for learning
  9. Problems: Opportunities for learning
  10. Bad experiences: The perspective for learning
  11. Change: The price of learning
  12. Maturity: The value of learning
  13. Winning isn’t everything, but learning is


  • 13 Audio lessons
  • Participant worksheets for every lesson
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