The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth 3 Week Mastermind Group


Product Description

 THE 15 INVALUABLE LAWS OF GROWTH LAWS 1,2 &3 : Live Them and Reach Your Potential

By Dr. John C. Maxwell

  • Three up to 90 minute live online teaching and discussion sessions
  • Covering the first 3 laws of the fantastic book on growth
  • Development material to support learning
  • Hot seat & discussion sessions as part of calls
  • Ask or email your questions

Program Content Description

To reach that potential, you must grow—and to grow, you must be highly intentional about it. You’ve already demonstrated your intentionality simply by beginning this course, and I commend you for taking that step. You’re now setting out on a journey to better understand how personal growth really works, and how you can become a more effective and fulfilled individual.

I’m convinced you’ll experience a continual increase in your desire to grow, and you’ll soon find yourself becoming better than you are today.

You’ll see a clear pathway forward for growing in character, advancing in your career skills, enriching your relationships, and enhancing your life-management skills. You’ll become more convinced than ever that growing is a worthy goal—it’s a key that unlocks the door. And you’ll be more motivated to put in the work to actually grow.

In this mastermind we will cover:

  1. The Law of Intentionality – Growth doesn’t just happen
  2. The Law of Awareness – You must know yourself to grow yourself
  3. The Law of The Mirror – You must see value in yourself to add value to yourself
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